What is a digital badge?

Essentially, a badge is nothing more than an image and its associated metadata called an assertion. The image provides the branded visual representation of what the badge means, while the assertion specifies what criteria were used to verify a user has earned that particular badge. Click on the image to the right to see more detail.The REQUIRED metadata fields are (and I've used Doug Belshaw's organization structure which is a little more non-geek friendly): Badge Title The name given to the badge, which is hopefully reflective of its intent and purpose

Description A quick description to used to define/illustrate the name

Criteria What standards/competencies were identified and needed to be met in order to earn the badge

Image URL Where the image file lives

Issuer Who is responsible for issuing and maintaining the badge and its requirements

Issue Date When the badge was earned

Recipient This field identifies the badge earner and encrypts their information using salt and hash

There are also two optional metadata fields which include:

Evidence URL A user-specific URL with additional information on the evidence used to support that user's earning of the badge

Expiration Date In the event that a badge has a limited life, perhaps to ensure the currency of the user's knowledge in that area, the expiration enables the badge to show whether the user's knowledge is up to date.

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