Build Your Own


Check out Doug Belshaw's blog post, "How to Make #OpenBadges work for you and your organisation"

How has a number of courses geared toward helping those interested in launching their own badge program and they are building more! Below is my recommendation on a learning continuum for new badgers.

School of Badges

Ancillary Courses

  • P2PU Badge Maker - specific to making badges for P2PU courses but is a good framework for moving from learning and earning your own badges and to building and issuing your very own for YOUR learners!

Cut to the Chase

If you don't have the time or the know-how to build your own badge, check out these badge issuing apps!


Let's say I'm running a workshop on video game design & development. There are a number of different areas in video game design & development that a student could choose to pursue: artist, sound editor, designer, programmer, tester, story writer, marketer, etc. I could create badges with competencies for each of these areas and award these to students as they progress through the course. Each student can rise to their own potential and be recognized for their unique skill sets. Badges can also serve to reward micro-achievements and can give learners a visual depiction of their progress through a class based on standards rather than the more abstract curricular content mentioned in course descriptions.